An immense legion of imps was manifested in the furthest depths of Hades to wreak havoc and chaos on humanity.

By order of none other than Lucifer himself, their ascension towards Earth's surface had begun. In the midst of this rising, an abrupt, yet fateful encounter between Light and Dark ensued, which created a tear between the fabric of good and evil.

Upon their arrival, the paltry Devils were faced with a crucial decision. Struggling with tumultuous thoughts caused by the previous skirmish, the unimaginable had happened. These DEVILETS assisted not only an angel, but a human child at a desperate time of need.

Unbeknownst of the betrayal to their Master, the entire army of Devilets were drawn by force and began to descend back from which they came. Agony ensued - their bodies writhing and contorting as punishment for denial of their Lord's evil bidding.

During this excruciating plight, a bright anomaly suddenly appears and an angel plummets steadfast through the void.

Intent on aiding the Devilets as a truce for their previous deed, the Essence of Light is cast upon them, releasing the Devilets from the suffering, and breaking them of their Masters' grip.

In turn, this act further upsets the balance of good and evil, completely severing the divide between Heaven and Hell.

Aware of this newfound vulnerability, Lord Hades quickly reconvenes.

Unleashing the darkest and most horrific abominations upon them all, only then did the Devilets see who the true evil was.

Darkness and Light would work together to confront the damnations of Hell and attempt to put an end to the reign of the Dark Lord forever.
Evil Team :
Scott Schafer
Founder / Artist
Randy B
NFT and Website Developer
Digital Illustrator


#1 Devilets Descend -

My goal for the Devilets is simple. All Devilets minted builds the legion needed as the Devilets first ASCEND back on human soil to battle the abominations that the Dark Lord has released on humanity. All before their descension into the fiery depths of Hades to put an end to the onslaught and save mankind.

#2 Devilet Exclusive NFT BATTLE Drops -

Where would the battle be without opposition? Exclusive abominations hand drawn and released promising some grotesque Lords standing in the way of that burning mass of Devilish flesh himself.

Phase One Release.

First 200 followers who invite at least 3 friends to our discord server will receive one free DEVILET, plus entered into a giveaway to receive a 1/1 rare abomination (Boss) NFT. (Maximum of 3 rare 1/1s total to be distributed among 3 lucky holders.

#3 Devilet Weapon Upgrades

Phase One X- clusive Rewards

First 100 followers who invite at least 5 friends to our discord will receive 2 free NFTs, plus entered into a giveaway for an exclusive weapon NFT 1/1. (Maximum of 10 total 1/1 weapons distributed among 10 lucky winners)1/1 exclusive NFTs also distributed including a mix of abominations (Bosses) and detesters/abhorrents (Enemies) ---(Amount to be determined)
#4 Gear and Merch

All Minters deserve to be rewarded with exclusive DEVILET merchandise

Phase 2 Release

(Upon complete sellout of Phase One)Previous holders of Phase One (The first 100 minters and 5 mint NFT maximum holders get automatically whitelisted for a free Phase 2 NFT before official release)
#5 Oh Devilet-ly Gamer -

(AKA The Pitch) The Devilet storyline depends on you! My vision is to pitch my idea to developers and make the Devilets into an amazing PHYSICAL CONSOLE hybrid platformer. Chock full of metal music, wickedly good graphics, and some stunningly impressive Boss battles with exclusive over-imaginative and devastating Devilry to rip The Dark Lord a new one!

We can do this, and not only would I like to get a copy of this game into your hands, I would like this to be a community building stepping stone for artists and writers to come together to be able to pitch their ideas to game developers to make their game concept come true!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you unique?

DEVILETS is a fully envisioned NFT collection exclusively designed with the concept of taking a great storyline and turning this project into a physical console game. I want to be able to bridge the gap between artists, writers and game developers.

I know that there are thousands of like minded people such as myself with amazing concepts that dream of turning their visions into a reality. I want a community where those people can be able to present those ideas to others and work together to make their lifelong dreams come true.

How many Devilets are available?

9999 Devilets will be available to mint at launch.

How many can I mint?

There will be a maximum of 5 Devilets that can be minted per TX.

How much will it cost to mint?

Price depends on the market and our claim condition, please follow us on twitter for updates.

When is the launch?

Jan 31, 2023 9:00 pm UTC